2014.03.14 – Traveas New Brand Launch

Some News from Dolhem design Stockholm!
We are not many but we are everywhere! Traveas is our latest assignment in Sweden. It is an outsourcing partner for the whole process of selling media advertising. Through experience, knowledge and relevance they help their clients to full their objectives. Their mission: To turn content into value.


2014.03.12 – SHOOT New Brand Launch

Dolhem Design, now also in England!
Here is one of our latest assignment. A brand new identity for SHOOT. An online portal where you can book a professional photographer, perfect for any project.


2014.01.10 – Jala Official Website Launched

Dolhem design is proud to announce the launch of Jala group home page.

We have been working with the Jala Group since the beginning of Dolhem design establishment in Shanghai 2010( rebranding and interior design advisory )

According to the China Daily, Jala Group Inc, is the “invisible champion” of the cosmetics industry that for 10 years has quietly been gaining ground in smaller cities.

Jala has 23,000 sales outlets in 31 Chinese provinces and cities, covering the major distribution channels including department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies and has 88 patents in design and product formulas

“It is our ultimate goal to create an international brand that will promote the essence of Chinese aesthetics and values,” said Mr. Zheng the president of the company.





2013.10.18 – Career Australia

Dolhem design goes to Australia!
We are very happy to present our latest job in Australia for Careers Australia. It’s  a whole rebranding project for one of the leading company within professional training and education.

Careers Australia是澳大利亚知名的职业教育培训机构。多禾为其打造的全新品牌形象,使其更有效地向目标公众传播自己的品牌理念。

2013.05.21 – White Cloud

Dolhem Design designed and successfully launched a new look for White Cloud Capital’s website. White Cloud Capital is a private family oriented investment company that invests growth capital in fast growing companies in Europe and Asia Pacific.

我们为位于伦敦的投资机构 White Cloud Capital 进行了全新的官网设计。White Cloud Capital 是一家跨国投资公司,业务覆盖欧洲、亚太地区及澳洲。新网站体现了公司有别于以往的崭新形象。